Your company needs a fantastic Media Planner and Media Buyer. Efficient Media Buying and Planning is our expertise. It’s what we’re known for, and it’s the primary reason our Clients save money!

At the Christensen Media Group, we believe your company’s Media Buys and overall Media Plan are both far too important to leave to a beginner. Unfortunately, this can be very common at many advertising agencies and boutique Marketing shops.

Our CEO/Owner, Chris Christensen, personally researches, designs, negotiates, and implements all Media Buys for our Clients. His nearly 30 years of personal, technical Marketing experience and relationships are a crucial part of your company’s advertising success. For years, he has designed and implemented Media Buys all across the United States, and is your primary contact…day or night…seven days a week! That’s personal service! Christensen opened the doors of his Marketing Firm in 2000. Since then, he has helped companies, both large and small, save Marketing dollars in more than 40 cities coast to coast!


Perhaps your company desires to train its own staff to do its Media Planning and Media Buying more efficiently and effectively. If so, contact us and we will come to your location and train your staff, accordingly. We will surely turn your employees into the Media Buying experts they need to be!

Smart. Efficient. Marketing. It’s what we do at the Christensen Media Group.