You operate a company and you want to stop wasting valuable Marketing dollars. Christensen Media Group can help!

We’re a Marketing Firm that specializes in efficient Media Buying, and Marketing Consultation.

You can have the most “creative” and “beautiful” ads in the world, but if you don’t reach your target audience properly and efficiently, you might as well throw those cute and clever ads into the nearest garbage can! That’s “wasted Marketing dollars” at its best! Your company needs “Media Buying Nerds” on its side. That’s us!

Successful Media Buying is the “Science of Marketing”. Turns out, Media Buying IS rocket science after all. And, no matter what they say, NO Marketing firm is the best at BOTH…”analytical” Media Buying, and “creative” ad design and production. These concepts require opposite sides of the brain, and a firm’s “natural focus” leans toward one or the other.

If you absolutely love the “creative” that your current Marketing firm provides…great…let them continue to handle your “creative”, and let us take care of your Media Buys. Many corporations now utilize more than one Marketing firm, for their business. One firm specializes in “pretty ad design/production”, another firm specializes in Media Buys, and yet another firm specializes in Digital Marketing (SEO/SEM, etc.). This makes sense because we all have very different strengths, THAT YOU NEED, to be successful!

Contact our CEO, Chris Christensen, and you will quickly see how our Firm has helped clients to thrive for nearly 20 years.

The Christensen Media Group has:

  • Been recognized as, “One of the best Ad Agencies & Graphic Design Firms in central Oklahoma” (OKC Business-Best of Business, 2008)
  • Been training other company Media Buyers for years
  • Focused on purchasing Media for nearly 20 years
  • Purchased Media in cities all over the U.S.
  • More than 40 years of combined Marketing experience
  • A CEO that personally researches, designs, negotiates, and implements all Media Buys…utilizing his nearly 30 years of personal experience



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Christensen Media Group
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