Your company’s brand is so important, and the Christensen Media Group is here to position your brand in the most creative and memorable way.

We work daily with all of the general media venues to ensure we cover the Marketing bases for you!

Below is a short list of areas in which we can assist you with your Marketing…



This medium stimulates your target audience like no other.  Our team will design and produce high quality, effective Television commercial ads for your specific needs, and without a sky-high production fee attached to them. Just another way you save with Christensen Media Group. 


Creative Graphic Design and Layout for Newspaper…Magazines…Brochures…Booklets…Logos…Stationery. Our full-service Graphic Design department will develop the proper image you want to project.


Radio is an exciting, niche medium known for its unique ability to focus on a particular target audience. Coupled with creative promotions, our firm will compose the concept necessary to maximize your company’s message.


Proximity and direction are key strategy points associated with outdoor advertising. A well placed outdoor ad, with the appropriate message, can successfully direct prospective customers to your door and successfully brand your company within the local marketplace.


Digital Marketing has developed into a category that marketers can no longer ignore. From Geo-fencing, to Internet Ads, to Search Engine Marketing & Optimization, our Firm can develop an amazing plan for your company.

Direct Mail

Knowing where your prospective customers live is just the beginning of your Direct Mail campaign strategy. We utilize local Psychographic Research Data to learn how to get these prospects to pay attention to your particular mail-out piece. An eye-catching design layout is the icing on the cake. 


From Television commercial ad production…to 30-minute Television programs…to Corporate videos…we’ll take care of you from start to finish.


Quality photography is the foundation of your company look and Branding efforts, in so many areas of Marketing. The Christensen Media Group can assist you with this most basic need. 

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