We have a passion for Event Marketing at Christensen Media Group!

Since 2002, CMG has represented many large market events in various cities. Not only do we utilize our powerful Media Buying techniques for these events, but we combine this expertise with incredible Promotions, PR, and Added Value!

For example, each year we promote seven of the largest “Home & Garden” and “Outdoor Living” Shows in Oklahoma City and Kansas City. And we not only promote these events, but also take care of Budgeting, Negotiations, Added Value, Live Interviews, Billing, Account Payables & Receivables, etc.

Our Event Marketing experience spans many genres and categories, such as Home & Garden, Outdoor Living, National Rodeo, National Bull Riding (PBR), Live Concerts, Outdoor Fairs, and much more!

See just a few examples of our annually promoted events and their success stories, by clicking on our “Case Studies” tab.


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