Smartphone usage is growing at an explosive rate and mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop internet usage. It is imperative that brands reach their audience at times when they are most engaged. Effective mobile marketing strategies allow brands to create two way communications with their audience when, where and how they want.

Christensen Media Group’s unique mobile tools and platform allow advertisers to effectively track mobile ad performance and compare it to other online strategies. Mobile can also be an effective way to track performance of traditional hard-to-track traditional media placements. Mobile strategies must be considered as part of any marketing campaign.

Christensen Media Group can help design, plan and execute mobile search, display (static or rich), retargeting, QR code, coupon targeting, social or texting campaigns that best serve your goals and audience.

Whether you are branding , driving leads or sales, we can help you develop a mobile marketing program that creates heightened engagement, uplift consumer response, increase sales or establish deeper relationships with your customers.

The mobile marketing industry is still in its infancy and there are many strategies that will and will not make sense. Let us help you develop the right strategy for your audience to deliver measurable results. Don’t miss the mobile revolution – embrace it with Christensen Media Group.

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