Welcome to the Christensen Media Group. And congratulations on discovering us!

Your company can soon begin saving untold amounts of wasted advertising dollars. If you desire to get back on track with a smart, efficient Marketing Plan, call us today.

The Christensen Media Group is a full-service Marketing Firm that specializes in super-efficient Media Buying and Marketing Consultation. Our reputation for advertising efficiency and effectiveness is known throughout the United States.

I know, I know, you’ve heard these claims from every Marketing Firm, right? But make one phone call to our CEO, Chris Christensen (at 405-627-3633), and you’ll experience one of the biggest “OMG” moments of your business life! This is how our Firm has thrived for nearly 20 years, and this is how we help our clients to thrive, as well!


At the Christensen Media Group:

  • We have been recognized as, “One of the best Ad Agencies & Graphic Design Firms in central Oklahoma” (OKC Business-Best of Business, 2008)
  • We’ve been in operation for nearly 20 years.
  • We’ve purchased media in nearly 40 cities coast to coast.
  • We offer more than 40 years of personal Marketing experience.
  • Our CEO personally negotiates, designs, and implements all Media Buys…utilizing his nearly 30 years of negotiation, ratings, and research experience.



Primary Telephone: (405) 753-5320  Secondary Telephone (405) 627-3633 

Christensen Media Group
15712 N. Pennsylvania Avenue
Suite 3
Edmond, Oklahoma 73013